2nd April 2019

BMW X5 E53 3.0i 4.4i 4.6is 4.8 V8

BMW X5 E53 was the start of the Bmw,s legendary 4×4, with amazing engines ranging from 3.0i 4.4 i 4.6 i s and v8 4.8i in […]
28th March 2019

Peugeot 208 GTI

Peugeot 208 GTi 1.6 T comes wth 205hp the face lift GTi gets 8bhp more and a extra 25Nm torque to 300Nm. With a restrictive sound […]
28th March 2019


Audi tt quattro sport 1.8 T 240hp, 236lb ft is one of the most rarest of the mk1 tt,s you can watch our video to see […]
28th March 2019

BMW M5 E39

The Bmw M5 E39 was built from 1998 to 2003 the M5’s 5.0 naturally aspirated V8 come with 394bhp, the icon 4 door family saloon was […]
28th March 2019


The Ford Fiesta ST 2.0-litre engine has a 150bhp its a very high revving engine its has been one of the favorite little hot hatch of […]
28th March 2019

FORD FIESTA eco boost 1.0 t

The MK7 Fiesta 1.0 eco boost awesome little hot hatch has huge tunning protential so why not start of with a dku performance exhaut At DKU Performance […]
28th March 2019

BMW F10 520d-535d M5 quad Conversion

At Dku performance we can restyle the back of your Bmw f10 520 525 535 540 550i to a F10 M5 quad exhaust for all the […]
28th March 2019

BMW M4 Competition CS GTS

The Bmw M4 s55 twin turbo engine produces 425bhp in the stock car and 444bhp in the Competition Pack, or 454bhp M4 CS and GTS edition […]
28th March 2019

BMW M3 F30 F80

The Bmw M3 f80 is more powerful then the predecessor Bmw M3 E90. the s55 twin turbo engine produces 425bhp  M3 and 444bhp in the Competition […]
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