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We can provide you with a custom-made stainless steel performance exhaust system, tailored to your exact specification. We build our exhausts in house and will also install any new system for you. We also offer a lifetime guarantee for all our custom exhaust systems.


We can perform an ECU remap on your vehicle in-house. Our experts are able to adapt your ECU’s programming according to any aftermarket parts you may already have installed in your vehicle; ultimately allowing your vehicle to surpass the performance originally stated by its manufacturer.


We can offer you with high flow carbon cleaning for your vehicles engine, helping to remove carbon deposits that have built up over time. The resulting effects for a dirty engine can mean faster throttle response, improved fuel economy and smoother running.


Parts of Exhaust System

What Are the Parts of An Exhaust System?

Your car’s engine constantly produces explosions (from combusting fuel) that rotate the crankshaft and power your vehicle, but this process also produces lots of […]
exhaust tip

Do exhaust tips change the sound of your exhaust?

Exhaust tips may seem like a small addition to your car, but they can create a more sporty look and better-sounding revs if you […]


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