Revolutionise Your Car Security with Ghost Immobilisers

Revolutionise Your Car Security with Ghost Immobilisers

For any car, ghost immobiliser are a valuable security feature. These gadgets prevent a burglar from starting the car without the right key or code by secretly deactivating the ignition system. We’ll go through some of the justifications for having a ghost immobilizer for your car in this article. It’s crucial to think about having a ghost immobilizer if you own a high-end vehicle. Due to the perceived value of these expensive cars, thieves frequently target them. Ghost Immobilisers can give an extra degree of security to your car. A ghost immobilizer can not only stop thieves from starting your car but can also make it considerably more difficult for them to even get access to your vehicle. This can assist in thwarting potential criminals and preventing the theft of your vehicle.

Reasons for Purchasing a Ghost Immobiliser

Protecting your luxury car’s resale price is another reason you might want to think about installing a ghost immobiliser. When a prestige car has been stolen, it can be challenging to sell it since buyers may be reluctant to buy a car with a questionable past. Your car’s resale value can be protected by a ghost immobiliser because it will be less likely to be stolen in the first place. This may be crucial if you intend to sell your car in the future. Ghost immobilisers can give you and your entire household additional protection and safety for your car while also bringing you and your family peace of mind. You may feel more secure behind the wheel knowing that your vehicle is secured by this cutting-edge security measure, and it may also assist you to relax while you’re not around it.

Price of a Ghost Immobiliser

The price of a ghost immobiliser might vary depending on several variables, including the brand and model of the vehicle and the immobilizer’s particular characteristics. However, the average cost of an exceptional ghost automatic shutoff ranges from £80 to £350. It’s crucial to remember that while a ghost immobiliser may initially seem like a considerable price, it may ultimately prove to be very cost-effective. A ghost immobiliser can help you save a lot of money if you are the victim of theft by preventing it from happening to your car. Overall, purchasing a ghost automatic shutoff is an affordable investment in the safety of your car.

Ghost Immobiliser for Luxury Vehicles

It’s crucial to think about having a ghost immobiliser when you own a high-end vehicle like a Mercedes-Benz or a Porsche. Because of their perceived worth, these expensive cars are often targeted by criminals. A ghost immobiliser can give an additional layer of security to your vehicle. A ghost immobiliser can make it considerably more difficult for criminals to even get into your car, in addition to stopping them from ever being able to start it. This can aid in thwarting thieves in the future and guard against car theft.

Blocked At Engine Start Stops Key Theft, Keyless Entry, and Key Cloning

Thieves who use key copying equipment are unable to alter the vehicle’s ECU or duplicate the keys to bypass the Ghost Immobiliser protection. No matter the theft method, it is prohibited to get started on your car without first entering your PIN.


Modern criminals are capable of detecting circuit cuts using aftermarket security using diagnostic tools. Since the Auto Watch Ghost features no cut, these methods cannot identify it. The Ghost is silent and undetectable to burglars because it doesn’t broadcast any form of frequency.

Complete Reversible

Your Ghost Immobiliser may be taken out and put back in a different car without leaving any trace that the device was ever there. The Controller Area Network (CAN) of the car you drive has a direct connection to the Ghost Immobiliser. From there, a personalized PIN is created just for you. Using the control buttons on the instrument panel as well as the steering wheel, you can enter this PIN, a special secret sequence. This indicates that only people who are aware of the combination can start your car. After a few trips, you’ll become completely accustomed to the Ghost and it will become simply another aspect of starting your car, but without the added security and complete peace of mind!

  • Installation was done
  • Using the driving wheel/dash buttons, start the disarm sequence
  • No electromagnetic signals were broadcast
  • Connecting with the ECU to immobilise
  • Utilises the on-board CAN data network and offers a user-configurable disarm procedure
  • When you require permission to let someone else use your car, use the service or valet mode.
  • For use if you ever miss your disarm sequence, a safe and distinctive emergency code


Thieves who use key copying equipment are unable to alter the vehicle’s ECU or duplicate the keys to bypass the Ghost Immobiliser protection. No matter the theft method, it is difficult to start your car without first entering your PIN.

Special PIN

Utilizing the buttons on the as well as steering wheel on the dashboard of the vehicle, you construct your special PIN. A thief cannot even tell that an automatic shutoff is installed on the vehicle or figure out the amalgamation in advance. The PIN can be modified whenever you like.

Rapid, Easy, And User-Friendly

The Ghost Immobiliser offers one of the most complete levels of vehicle security. Additionally, it is quite user-friendly. Because it will be specific to you, your pin will be easy for you to remember yet computationally unattainable for someone else to figure out. Additionally, your engineer will have supplied an Emergency PIN Code override in case you do forget your PIN. To reset your PIN, just scratch this off the back of the card and adhere to the directions.

Silent, Stealthy Operation

The ‘tell-tale’ clicking of a conventional immobiliser cannot be heard with the installation of a Ghost Immobiliser. This is because the Ghost Immobiliser uses the information on the bus to directly connect to your vehicle’s ECU to immobilise your car. Because it can be integrated into the vehicle’s mechanism and is waterproof, the Ghost Immobiliser is virtually undetectable.

Blocking At Engine Start

Your vehicle cannot be started without the user entering the user-generated PIN, thanks to your Auto Watch automatic shut-off. This safeguards your car from key theft, keyless access, and key counterfeiting even if they are carrying the keys.

Final Words

Ghost immobilizers constitute a useful protection element for any type of vehicle altogether. There are several benefits to obtaining a ghost automatic shut-off for your vehicle, including increased security, preservation of your car’s potential for sale, as well as peace of mind for yourself and your family.