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Engine Control Unit Remaps

Understanding the technological requirements and performance output of each make and model of cars on the road, DKU Performance can fine tune the Engine Control Unit (ECU) of each vehicle.

When sent out straight from the factory floor, manufacturers automatically ‘de-tune’ the engine by setting the software of the ECU to a default setting to accommodate the climate, laws, restrictions and varying qualities of fuel around the world.

DKU Performance has the technical experience to reprogram or rewrite the software. Using the latest equipment that connects to the serial (OBD) port of each make and model of car, DKU Performance will release the restricted torque and horses from your engine, and let it perform the way it was meant to.



  • The Benefits of ECU Remapping
  • Better Throttle Response
  • Increased Horsepower
  • Improved fuel Economy
  • Increased Torque
  • Safer Overtaking

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