Ghost 2 Immobilisers: The Ultimate Car Theft Protection System

Ghost 2 Immobilisers: The Ultimate Car Theft Protection System

A Ghost Immobiliser Is What?

A Ghost 2 Immobiliser describes a type of car immobilisation that offers more functionality than only immobilisation to promote the safety of the car you are driving.  An electronic security device known as an ordinary vehicle immobiliser prohibits a car or another kind of car from starting without the proper key or key fob being available. Systems that prevent key duplication, signal jamming, as well as device counterfeiting, all ways that thieves unlock vehicles with conventional immobilisers, are included in a ghost immobiliser. This implies that a burglar will not be able to make off with the vehicle even if they manage to break in.

Can All Sorts Of Vehicles Utilise Ghost Immobilisers?

A wide variety of vehicles are functional with ghost immobilisers. Immobilisers are not just for vehicles; they may be employed in any engine-powered vehicle. Car immobilisers may be installed in motor homes, vans, bicycles, plant machinery, as well as ride-on lawnmowers. Modern technology now allows for the immobilisation of all kinds of electric vehicle motors.

Is It Possible To Hack Or Circumvent A Ghost Immobiliser?

Ghost immobilisers are nearly tough to disable or hack. There is no physically removable anti-theft equipment, like steering wheel locks, because the wires have been designed to appear to have a ghost immobiliser from the factory. As a result, it is significantly more challenging to turn off or unlock access to the device. Your car is going to be quite secure as long as your ghost immobiliser has been properly installed appropriately.

Why Is Car Immobilisation Equipment Superior To Other Anti-Theft Devices?

Electronic immobilisers, as opposed to physical deterrents like steering wheel locks or wheel clamps, are surreptitiously incorporated into the vehicle. They’re incredibly difficult to find and eliminate. Although the car is completely disassembled and the part is located, that doesn’t always mean the motor can be ignited.

How Do Ghost Immobilisers Function?

The electronic control unit (ECU) of the car houses an electronic chip that is used by the typical factory-installed immobiliser. The key or fob transmits a code to the ECU so that it can start the car whenever you try to start it. The code is going to be wrong and the car won’t start when somebody tries to start it with a different key or fob. Ghost immobilisers have additional safety features, like a PIN or code sequence which must be entered before you may start your vehicle.

What Impact Does An Immobiliser Have On My Car?

An immobiliser is going to turn down systems like the starter motor or fuel system in addition to stopping the vehicle from beginning if the wrong key or fob is entered, making the car immobile. Some immobilisers trigger the vehicle’s alarm in addition to sending the incorrect code to the ECU to capture attention. Immobilisers may carry out extra tasks; however, this will vary depending on the type.

For How Much Time Does It Take A Ghost Immobiliser To Be Deactivated?

Your ghost immobiliser can be used in less than a minute if you have the correct codes.  Valet/Service and Transport are the two inactivation modes available on the Autowatch Ghost II CAN Immobiliser. Without an access code, the car can be operated in Valet Mode under predetermined limits, such as a 30 mph speed limit. As soon as the car is stopped, the ghost immobiliser completely operates. By doing this, you can give your car to a valet or have it serviced without giving your keys or key fob.  You may disable the restrictions and operate your car normally under Transport Mode. Your ghost immobiliser is going to have to be reactivated utilising your security card and PIN.

Installation Fees For Ghost Immobilisers

While the Autowatch Ghost immobiliser could not be the most affordable aftermarket security gadget, it is significantly more efficient than a steering wheel lock as well as is portable to other vehicles. As of this writing, although the median price is roughly £499, you may locate experts that will supply, set up, and programme a Ghost immobiliser for as cheap as £475. By making it difficult to drive a vehicle without your permission, the Ghost Immobiliser offers unrivalled theft protection. This makes it more of an investment than a mod because it provides distinctive protection for your car, is simple to install, as well as may be used on several cars.

Do I Need A Tracker For My Car?

Installing a GPS tracker in your car, that allows you to keep track of its location while rendering it very simple to find in the event of theft, is another strategy to prevent theft. In contrast to the Autowatch Ghost, these gadgets have some disadvantages, including the fact that they don’t stop car theft and are simpler to discover, get rid of, or disable. Since trackers only assist in recovering your vehicle afterward it has been stolen, we do not advise utilising them as your primary anti-theft measure. Nevertheless, trackers are a perfect complement to immobilisers since, when used combined, they provide you with virtually complete oversight over your car’s movements.

Install Ghost Immobiliser

Is Installing A Ghost Immobiliser In An Car Simple?

The OBD port on a car may be used to connect self-install immobiliser systems. This connection is typically found in the dashboard near the steering wheel. Immobilisers, especially the ghost immobiliser, are substantially more sophisticated than OBD port immobilisers & must be installed by an experienced engineer. As TASSA-registered car immobiliser installers, we operate these for no charge.

Is Removing A Ghost Immobiliser Simple?

Ghost immobilisers along with additional more sophisticated vehicle immobilisers are much safer because they need the car to be dismantled to be accessed. This implies that if you are not a skilled specialist, removal is difficult.


As thieves use more advanced techniques to get beyond many of the country’s current security measures, theft of vehicles is becoming a rising problem for many car owners. Luckily, there is an effortless yet trustworthy method to stop all unlawful entry to the vehicle: the Auto Watch Ghost immobiliser.