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Stainless Steel Exhausts

Using only the highest quality stainless steel, we design and install our tailor-made stainless steel exhaust pipes to suit individual customer specifications. We have countless years experience when it comes to creating you a customised stainless steel exhaust. We use T304 tubes from 1” to 5” and all fabrication is carried out on site.

We are able to incorporate the latest technology to give each exhaust fitting the enhanced sound or look that you want. While you wait, we will help guide you through using mufflers/resonators to achieve the desired effect you are looking for.

Both aesthetics and performance are paramount to us at DKU Performance, we believe that one should not compromise the other, so we only employ engineers of the highest level of technical competency, and share the same passion for fine-tuning.



  • Helps the car breathe
  • more efficient
  • Increased Torque
  • different systems
  • Increased Horsepower
  • bespoke sound

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We Specialise in:

Performance Exhaust Systems

We provide full Stainless Steel Exhaust systems from end to end. We will create you a custom design based on your needs.

T304 Mandrel Bends

DKU Performance only use T304 steel to make our exhausts. In order to fabricate unique performance exhaust systems to match our customers’ requirements, DKU only uses the most sophisticated Mandrels to get the tightest angles and distinctive look.

Stainless Flanges Custom Made To Suit

Each Exhaust System is tailor-made to a customer’s requirement therefore tensions will be different on each vehicle. Each Flange will be created with strengths to suit each bend and pre-determined pressure points.

Stainless Wastegate Pipes

Whether you prefer an internal or external WasteGate pipe, our builds will regulate boost levels with greater precision and power. Your Turbocharger never had it so good.

Stainless Screamer Pipes

If you already know the harmonics of how you want your car to sound, it also has to look the part. DKU Performance prides itself on its custom-made performance exhaust systems. (Keeping it street legal of course).

Stainless Flexi In Stock

With the demanding complexities of designs and areas that physics simply doesn’t allow, we also use Stainless Steel Flexi pipe. We will not compromise on quality therefore not only do we use T304 steel, we will also use higher quality steel which is supplied upon request.

Stainless Steel Brackets

Whether a Stainless Steel Bracket or a Clamp, we will maximize the flow of exhaust fumes through your exhaust pipe.

Once your design is complete, we will hold it in place with solid precision whilst maintaining its flush functionality.

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