Why Should We Be Using Ghost Immobilisers?

Why Should We Be Using Ghost Immobilisers?

What Is A Ghost Immobiliser?

The Autowatch Immobiliser (or “ghost”) is a theft prevention device designed to protect against modern theft techniques like key cloning. This small electronic device connects to your car’s CAN bus and makes it impossible to start the engine unless you enter a custom code input using the existing controls – such as the air conditioner buttons.

We believe that these Ghost immobilisers are one of the best protections against vehicle theft, so we’ll be explaining the installation, benefits, and cost of this wonderful device, starting with:

Why the Ghost Immobiliser Is Important

In addition to your existing security measures, the Autowatch immobiliser provides an additional. That covert security measure makes it virtually impossible to start your vehicle without your consent. It connects to your onboard electric system and prevents your car from starting until you disable it with a custom passcode of up to 20 inputs using the existing car interface.

With a Ghost immobiliser installed, would-be vehicle thieves cannot drive your car away, even if they steal your keys or clone the fob to gain access. Moreover, many car insurance providers offer reduced premiums for vehicles with Ghosts, as they are state-of-the-art theft prevention devices, so installing one is a win-win.

Benefits of Ghost Immobilisers

Unlike other theft-prevention measures, Ghost immobilisers are easy to install, hard for thieves to detect, and simple to use:

  • Easy Installation: Ghost immobilisers are small and easy to install, typically fitted inside your engine bay
  • Custom PIN: You can create a unique passcode of up to 20 inputs using the controls in your car.
  • Undetectable: The Ghost immobiliser does not use wireless signals or indicator lights, making it undetectable to thieves.
  • Linked App: The Autowatch immobiliser companion app allows you to override the passcode for servicing, emergency access, and more.
  • Transferability: The Ghost can easily be removed and reinstalled if you want to swap cars and stay secure.

Average Cost of an Autowatch Immobiliser

Because Ghost immobilisers must be installed by a qualified technician. And the cost can vary depending on your location, though the average price for purchasing and installation is around £499. While it may not be the cheapest anti-theft device. The Ghost offers unique benefits and unrivalled theft protection, even in key theft or cloning cases.

Final Words

The Autowatch Ghost immobiliser is a great anti-theft device. It uses state-of-the-art technology to prevent thieves from starting your car, even if they steal or clone your keys. If you’re concerned about the possibility of your car being stolen or want to add another layer of security to your vehicle, then the Autowatch immobiliser is perfect for you.