What Is The Difference Between TerraClean And Carbon Clean?

What Is The Difference Between TerraClean And Carbon Clean?

Carbon cleaning is a process of removing excess carbon that has been deposited onto the parts of your engine over time. There are many processes used to achieve this task. TerraClean is one of such processes and is very effective in making your engine soot-free and restoring the performance of your engine.

What Is Carbon Cleaning?

Carbon cleaning is simply a method in which different chemicals or fuels are added to your engine through different machines to clean out any type of carbon or soot build-up inside the parts of your engine. There are many types of carbon cleaning including hydrogen cleaning, HHO carbon cleaning, TerraClean, etc. They are three very different processes. Hydrogen cleaning uses air or exhaust gases to clean the engine.

HHO cleaning is a process in which tap water is used to make hydrogen and oxygen which are then passed through the engine and are entered through the intake manifold. The hydrogen and oxygen actively help to remove excess carbon and soot from the engine.

In TerraClean, a special high-quality refined fuel is used. The vehicle is directly run on it so it reaches all parts of the engine. This special fuel efficiently helps to dissolve and remove the carbon from the engine parts and filters.

What Does TerraClean Actually Clean?

TerraClean is very effective in cleaning the injection system of the engine as well as the inlet valves. The fuel is further charged electrically with the help of a machine and is the car is run on it. It helps to remove carbon deposits from the combustion chamber, exhaust, catalytic converters or cats and sensors by converting the carbon into carbon mono oxide. This CO then leaves the engine through the tailpipe.

Is Carbon Cleaning Engine Worth It?

Many people have different opinions on it. Some see it as an extremely beneficial maintenance process and others don’t see a difference. There are no proven harms of getting your engine carbon cleaned especially if you go with a trusted company like engine carbon clean UK. Carbon cleaning undoubtedly has a lot of benefits for older cars that have lost their performance and have a decreased fuel efficiency. I would recommend you try it yourself. It is definitely worth it for removing large amounts of carbon build-up from your engine. However, you may not see drastic differences if you already get regular maintenance services for your car.

Is TerraClean Good For Your Car?

TerraClean is certainly good for the maintenance of your car. It is not a modification so it does not increase the performance of your car. But it is great for revitalizing the performance, power, and fuel efficiency of your engine.

Benefits of Carbon Cleaning

You can get a lot of benefits out of the money you spend on carbon cleaning. Especially if your car has a combustion engine, and it has lost a lot of its performance and power over time. Choosing the right method and right company like engine carbon clean UK helps a lot.

1.       Restores Lost Engine Performance

The first thing to put out there is that carbon cleaning is never going to provide you with extra performance and power gains on top of what your vehicle originally had. Performance restore is the perfect word to use as it will revitalize your engine and brings back the power and performance that your car once had and what was lost with time. Excess carbon build-up inside your engine can negatively impact the combustion of fuel inside your engine. The excess soot cause difficulties in the complete combustion of the fuel. This decreases the power and performance of your engine over time.

2.       Helps You to Pass MOT

Older cars often fail their MOT because of the increased amount of emissions coming out of their engines. If your car is several years old, there would probably be a lot of carb build-up inside your engine. You should go for a carbon clean to make your engine perform like a new one and to make it completely carbon-free. Also, excess emissions are bad for the environment as well. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep their environment as clean as they can. Emissions add to air pollution. The least you can do is to make your car emit as less amount of toxic emissions as you can.

3.       Prevents Long Term Damages

The carbon cleaning processes are meant to keep your engine and its parts clean which improves their performance. Carbon build-up on different parts of your engine can greatly affect their performance and can lead to long-term damages. Parts like EGR valves, DPF, intake or inlet manifolds, and injectors can have serious issues because of excess carbon or soot. Repairing these parts can cost you a whole lot of money. Carbon cleaning can prevent all of this by keeping the parts of your engine clean so that they perform efficiently.

4.       Improves Fuel Efficiency

You’ll see a visible increase in your MPG if you get your car carbon cleaned. Carbon build-up drastically affects the fuel efficiency of your engine. Your engine is no longer efficient enough to burn the fuel completely. The incomplete combustion decreases the mileage and fuel efficiency of your engine resulting in more money spent on fuel than before.

How To Avoid Carbon Build-up

There are some ways that you can adopt to avoid any carbon build-up. These are:

  • Using a good quality fuel
  • Regular car maintenance and servicing
  • Giving your car a regular good run or thrash
  • Getting high-quality filters installed

What Is The Best Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner?

DPF plays an important part in reducing the emissions of your diesel engine. They build up carbon and soot residue too while filtering these particulates from the exhaust gases. This residue needs to be burned off or cleaned. Instead of carbon cleaning the whole engine you can opt for DPF cleaners. Let me explain what DPF is and what cleaners are the best to clean DPF.

What is DPF?

Diesel Particulate Filter or DPF acts as an after-treatment for exhaust gases. It is fitted inside the exhaust system to filter out any particulates of soot or ash left in exhaust gases from the diesel engine. DPF filter is designed to remove most of the soot residue from the exhaust gases. It is simply a step to reduce the number of emissions from a diesel engine. There are two types of these filters.

One of them is the disposable or single-use DPF filter that is meant to be disposed of after it has been completely accumulated by soot and ash residues. The soot residue can completely block the filter that makes it unable to filter any more exhaust gases. So, you have to replace it after it has been filled with soot. The disposal one is burned off eventually.

The other design has to be cleaned passively by using catalysts or other devices. You can use a fuel burner to burn the soot off of the filter. There are many companies like engine carbon clean UK that offer services to clean your engine’s DPF. You have to make sure that you regularly clean it to avoid any kind of long-term damage. Replacing DPF with a brand new one can actually cost you a lot of money.

Other than opting for a cleaning service, there is another option available as well. There are many cleaners available in the market to clean and regenerate your DPF. These cleaning additives claims they make can be scammy, so you should know what to buy and what to not buy.

Best Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner

Regular cleaning of the DPF besides the active burning of soot inside the engine is really important. It is essential for the maintenance of the DPF and prevents the filter from any kind of damage.

There are three types of DPF cleaners: DPF cleaning additives, DPF cleaning sprays, and off-car DPF cleaner. The best and easily available DPF cleaner would be the DPF cleaning additives for people who want an at-home and DIY solution for cleaning their DPF.

DPF cleaning additives are chemical solutions meant to be added to the fuel tank. These solutions claim to help the internal process of cleaning the filter. They help the process to burn the soot accumulated on the filter by decreasing the temperature at which the soot usually burns. They are a cheap and easy-to-use solution to clogged DPF problems in the engine.

Sprays are meant to clean the DPF directly and more efficiently. They are meant to melt off all the debris and gunk on the DPF that is hard to remove just by adding additive solutions. These are sprayed on the filter through the pressure sensor. It is not as easy as using additives and takes more time. You would also need some tools in order to get under the vehicle. However, the results are pretty good.

The least common and the most difficult to use cleaners are the off-car cleaners. The unit has to be removed completely from the engine to ensure complete cleaning of the filter. They can only be used by professionals and people who know much about cars and engines and who are experienced in doing such things. It takes a lot of time and a lot of specialized tools as well. It is probably the most expensive too as compared to the other ones.

Bottom Line

If you are seeing many issues in the performance of your engine cars due to carbonization, carbon cleaning is the best solution. TerraClean uses modern techniques to clean your engine and prevent any kind of long-term damages. Thus, it helps you save money that you’d have to spend on the repairs. It also restores the lost power and performance of your car.