Hydrocarbon Engine Cleaning

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Did you know that only 25% of the fuel burnt in a vehicle is used to produce power? The remaining 75% is lost in the form of heat, emission gasses carbon residues. Overtime burning of fuel in a vehicle results in carbon deposits building up in the combustion chamber, exhaust ports, CAT’S & Lambda Sensors. The inlet valves and ports on manifold also suffer from tar build-up which slows down the injector reaction times causing fuel timing problems.

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Hydro-Flow is a 2-stage cleaning process. The first stage involves in cleaning of the injectors & the inlet valves restoring their functionality and fuel pressure. This results in a cleaner burn of the fuel thus reducing Carbon emissions. 2″‘I stage is where the magic happens. The Hydro-Flow machine passes a highly flammable aliphatic fuel through the vehicle which is negatively charged. This helps break down all the stubborn carbon deposits within and exit through the
exhaust tail pipe.

hydro flow

  • engine runs quieter
    and smoother
  • improved
    throttle response
  • carbon emissions
  • mpg & power of
    car restored
  • engine life prolonged

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