Vw Scirocco 2.0 TSI

Volkswagen is one of the leading brands in manufacturing the best-performing vehicles. However, our client was looking for something more than just performance, such as loud yet subtle sound, increased horsepower and increased torque. So, for this SCIROCCO 2.0 TSI, we custom designed and built Vw Scirocco exhaust system. Our exhaust system consisted of 2.5 inches downpipe with mandrel bends and stunning tips to enhance the look of the car. Our premium quality cat-back exhaust systems promise to provide our customers with better airflow with increased torque and stock power. The results were right what we expected and our custom work transformed the sound of this vehicle. The customer was happy with the work and so are we! Here at DKU Performance, we design a full range of entry-level to premium Vw Scirocco exhaust systems for all types of vehicles.