Toyota Crown 1JZ

At DKU Performance, we deal with a wide range of cars, ranging from supercars like Lamborghini to all types of vans and trucks like the Ford Ranger. This Toyota Crown Athlete 1JZ is one of the coolest cars, and it came to DKU Performance. We fabricated a custom polished cat-back exhaust system, and 7 inches custom silencer box, paired with custom Jap style chromium tips. We also have the Majesta, the supercharged V8 with backbox delete. Both are big power engines, and both are immaculate. Another one of our designs involves a middle section for Crown Majesty with a 7” jap box to give a pure JDM look. We deleted its back boxes and replaced them with chrome tips to match the luxury. For the Crown Athlete, we created a custom cat-back exhaust and installed it with 4” tips. Now, they sound as amazing as they look!