This Mitsubishi GTO TWIN TURBO is a popular model with 276 hp power at 6000 rpm. The great features, such as performance, looks, and V6 engine made this vehicle one of the most liked models. However, this amazing-looking car with great features is now getting rear. Our client brought this car to DKU Performance for an exhaust upgrade. He was looking for an enhanced and loud sound to match the sound of the vehicle with its looks. Since DKU Performance is an expert in designing and manufacturing all kinds of exhaust systems for all types of vehicles, we built an amazing turbo-back exhaust system for it. the custom work performed on this vehicle not only transformed the sound but also gave it a stunning look because of the installation of premium quality tips on the back. The result is as always amazing and shocking as our exhaust system has made this vehicle one of the best sounding cars in the town.