Ford Focus Ecoboost Dual Catback Exhaust System

Optimising the vehicle’s exhaust performance is the goal of DKU Performance’s revolutionary Ford Focus EcoBoost Dual Catback Exhaust System. The change entails swapping out the exhaust system behind the catalytic converter that the factory put in for a specially designed dual catback setup. Larger diameter piping and specially made mufflers are components of the dual catback system, which is intended to increase exhaust gas flow, lower back pressure, and perhaps improve engine efficiency. This improvement may result in higher horsepower and torque numbers by permitting better exhaust flow, giving enthusiasts a more responsive and dynamic driving sensation. A more distinct and aggressive exhaust tone is also produced by the upgraded exhaust system, giving the car a thrilling new sound aspect. The FORD FOCUS EXHAUST SYSTEM enhances driving enjoyment and maximises efficiency thanks to DKU Performance’s expert engineering and handiwork. It also has an attractive exhaust tone which appeals to car aficionados.