BMW is a well-known brand for manufacturing some high quality and good-looking cars. This 335I E92 came to DKU Performance for an exhaust upgrade. Our client wanted his car to be louder with some increased performance. we designed and fabricated our custom made non-res cat-back exhaust system into this vehicle. cat-back exhaust systems are considered better for the improved airflow which means your engine won’t have to work harder to eliminate exhaust fumes out of the vehicle. Our cat-back exhaust systems also lead to less fuel consumption so, why not! The exhaust system we designed for this vehicle consisted of mandrel bends for better airflow. We paired up the work with our special tips to give it the look along with improved sound. Our non-res cat-back exhaust system transformed the sound of the vehicle and made our client satisfied as always! So, enjoy our work and contact us if you are looking for a non-res cat-back exhaust system for your car.