BMW 320i G20

BMW 320i G20 is known as a great sounding car with oval-shaped 3 inches downpipes. It is undoubtedly an exclusive looking smart car when it comes to its characteristics. however, according to the design of this vehicle, we decided not to go for a full-back box exhaust. Also, our client did not want to go for the very loud sound, so we went for a subtle sound. Our engineers flanged the OE system so it is interchangeable and the client can stick it back when he wants to. We fabricated a horizontal silencer, which is our premium one. The system consisted of the mandrel pipework of 2.5” ended with our premium 3.5 inches tips.

As usual, the exhaust system is designed and built in the house of DKU performance. You can check the sound of this vehicle when it is on a rev, it sounds phenomenal! We will design a cat-back decat system for this car to make it sound even better with loud pops and bangs.