BMW 3 SERIES G20 330i Turbo

BMW 3 Series G20 Turbo-back is one of the amazing selection of premium and high-quality cars by G20. It’s a 2.0, 4-cylinder turbocharged engine producing a surprising power of up to 258BHP from the factory! But with the presence of cat and OPF, it is very quiet, which makes it a deal-breaker for those who love loud-sounding vehicles. This vehicle includes a valve system for exhaust sound, which is not a problem anymore!

At DKU Performance, our professional and talented engineers built a complete turbo-back performance exhaust system for this BMW G20 330i consisting of a 3.5” oval decat downpipe and OPF delete pipe. Check out the transition with a premium silencer paired with the OEM valve control to retain the functionality for exhaust volume control!