Functionality of the Newest Smartrack S5 Car Protection Tracker

Functionality of the Newest Smartrack S5 Car Protection Tracker

Revolutionizing the landscape of vehicle security technology, the Smartrack S5 car Protection Tracker has emerged as the latest game-changer. With its pioneering features and exceptional performance, it’s setting new standards in car security. The Smartrack S5 iMob system represents cutting edge of vehicle security and tracking, delivering unrivalled peace of mind. In this article, we’ll dive into the innovative features of the latest Smartrack S5 Car Protection Tracker, exploring its functionality and the benefits it brings to drivers.

Types of Advanced Features of SmarTrack S5

An innovative vehicle tracking system which boasts a variety of innovative functions to improve security and monitoring capacities is called SmarTrack S5. Here are a handful of the cutting-edge features that the SmarTrack S5 often has to offer:

GPS Monitoring:

The SmarTrack S5 precisely monitors the location of your car in real time using GPS (Global Positioning System) technologies.

GSM Innovation:

It transmits data using GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) technology, allowing for remote control and surveillance through a secure website or mobile application.

Driver’s Licence Number:

You can assign particular drivers to the car using driver identification capabilities found in some SmarTrack S5 systems. Tracking the use of authorised vehicles may be aided by this.

Tamper Warnings:

The system may identify tampering efforts, such as towing or unpermitted tracker disconnections, and right away notify the owner.


For your vehicle, you may establish up geofences or virtual borders. You are notified when the car enters or leaves specified boundaries, making it helpful for keeping track of moving vehicles.

24/7 Watching:

A secure control centre normally keeps an eye on SmarTrack S5 devices around-the-clock, guaranteeing quick action in the event of a break-in or emergency.


The SmarTrack S5 has the capacity to remotely immobilise the vehicle in some configurations. You may request for the immobilisation function to stop the vehicle’s engine from starting in an instance of theft.

Backup battery:

The tracker frequently has an integrated backup battery to ensure that it can still function even if the car’s battery is disconnected.

Motion Detection:

The technology is capable of identifying unauthorised car movements. You are notified if it is moved without your consent.

Tow-Away Warnings

If the car is being towed without permission, SmarTrack S5 may recognise it and alert the user right away.

Remote Android app:

Numerous SmarTrack S5 systems provide an intuitive smartphone app that enables you to keep tabs and manage your car from a distance. On your smartphone, you may access real-time location data, create geofences, and get notifications.

Insurance Approved:

The Thatcham approval of SmarTrack S5 trackers could contribute to lower insurance premiums. Insurance providers are aware of their success in preventing theft.

Historical Travel Information

You can look through historical trip information that provides details on the routes travelled, the length of the trip, and the stops visited.

Driving behavior observation

Some models include the ability to track a driver’s speed, acceleration, and braking tendencies. This information may be useful for enhancing driving practises and lowering fuel usage.

The SmarTrack S5 is a complete car tracking & safety system thanks to these cutting-edge capabilities. The system provides a variety of features to match your demands, whether you’re worried about preventing theft, observing driver behaviour, or just maintaining a careful check on the car’s whereabouts.

SmarTrack S5 Installation Costs

The price of installing a SmarTrack S5 tracking system in the UK will fluctuate on a number of elements, such as the installer you select, the difficulty of the installation, along with any other features or extras you decide to use. Given my most recent information update in September 2021, the setup expenses you could anticipate are as follows:

Basic Installation:

The setup of a SmarTrack S5 tracking system’s tracking device & any required wiring are normally included in the system’s basic installation. It may cost anywhere from £150 and $250.

Additional Features:

The installation cost may rise if you choose additional amenities or extras like driver verification, immobilisation, or smartphone app connection. These features may vary in price, but you should plan for an extra £50 to £100 or even more for each one.

Labor and Technician Costs:

Labour and technician expenses can change based on the installation’s level of difficulty, the installer’s experience, & the area. Experts often bill for their labour on an hourly basis. The cost of labour might be as high as £100 per hour or more.

Subscription Fees:

For continued monitoring and assistance, some SmarTrack S5 systems might assess subscription fees. These costs are distinct from the installation expenses and may change depending on the service package selected.

Optional Services:

Installers might offer extra services like bespoke wiring, car inspections, or more safety precautions. The cost of these services may increase overall.

Thatcham Certification:

The SmarTrack S5 is a security system which has been authorised by Thatcham, and many insurance firms in the UK are aware of this. Insurance premium reductions brought on by a Thatcham-certified system may eventually more than make up for certain of the installation costs.

It’s crucial to remember that depending on your region and the installer you select, setup charges might vary greatly. To acquire an accurate quotation for your particular installation, it is recommended to request quotes from many installers and ask about any extra costs or charges.

To guarantee the appropriate installation and correct operation of the tracking system, it’s also an excellent decision to use a recognised, certified installer who has experience with SmarTrack systems. Make sure to ask about the guarantee and ongoing assistance after setup as well. Experts advise getting in touch with SmarTrack or accredited dealers in your area for the latest and most up-to-date pricing and setup data because prices and offerings are subject to shift over time.


The most recent SmarTrack S5 Car Protection Tracker marks the height of technological advancement in car protection and tracking. Its cutting-edge functionality, which includes remote monitoring, real-time GPS tracking, and a number of security characteristics, underlines how well it protects vehicles from theft and unauthorised usage. The SmarTrack S5 Car safety Tracker is a potent instrument which gives complete safety and security for cars in an ever-changing world of car technology thanks to its capacity to give motorists comfort of mind and improve the possibilities of vehicle recovery in case of theft.