volkswagen POLO-1.8T GTI 6C

Carbon Cleaning and Ecu Remap and Exhaust and

If you guys have been watching our case study, you must know that we have got POLO 1.8T GTI 6C at the DKU Performance platform. We have taken off the original turbo which is capable of producing up to 250 or 260 horsepower. However, our client wanted to go for some more, so this time, we are going for a 3.5 inches turbo-back VW Polo 1.8t GTI exhaust system with decat anaconda downpipes. We designed 3.5 twin downpipes with a v band. We also installed our premium silencers in this vehicle as per our client’s wish. You can compare our exhaust system with the one this vehicle had before getting the custom job from our experienced engineers at the DKU Performance platform! Check out how beautifully these tips are complimenting the entire look of the car.

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