The GOLF R MK7 is a perfect rounder vehicle with a fair bit of power. The features of this car make it an absolute one. It does come with a subtle system that looks decent, but like many other cars, it doesn’t come with an exhaust system. This car came to the DKU Performance workshop for a loud sound. We fabricated a cat-back system with a 3 inches centre and rear section.

Check out the premium rear silencers, 3 inches rear section with 3 inches centre section. The most interesting part is the coolest OEC valve control integration with 3.5 inches quad chrome tips. The cool loud sound with pops and bangs is due to the 3.5” diameter of the quad tips on the rear. Yes! You can still control the loud sound of the car after getting this system. Watch till the end to hear the sound with launch control valves open.