At DKU Performance, we have designed 3.5 inches cat-back valve control system for this Volks Wagon GOLF R MK7. This GOLF R already had a downpipe, but we have fabricated our brand-new designed cat-back system consisting of mandrel bends and a pair of silencers that work with the OE valve control. You can see the beautiful tips on the back valve control silencers. Check out the improved quality of sound of this vehicle after getting service from our experienced engineers at DKU Performance. You can see the improvement and enhanced sound of this car with valves open and closed. It has 3 inches downpipe, 3.5 inches exhaust system centre and two silencers on the back.

We hope you find both sounds as amusing as we did. If you are looking for the same transformation for your vehicle, don’t wait further and get high-quality services for your vehicle from the platform of DKU performance.