Volkswagen Scirocco 1.4 TSI RS6 EXHAUST

We have two cars here, the Audi RS6 and SCIROCCO 1.4, both top of their game in drivability and power. But our client’s demand was worth the conversion of these beasts! As newer car models are silent and smooth, most customers wish for blast blaring exhaust sound when they drive around. DKU Performance, always up with models and tremendous beasts to work with, has successfully merged the Audi RS6 model exhaust muffler tips to the client’s Scirocco model 1.4T! A huge achievement and mind-blowing results! The metalwork is all based on original DKU designs, fresh and polished. The cutouts and extra parts, original and professionally created tips of any brand you desire! The tips used here are somewhat 3 to 3.5 inches wide and produce a bomb sound effect when the ride takes its pace. All here on DKU Performance garages, the level best in the UK. Check out the website to book your style!