CORSA VXR 1.6 Turbo is the best hot hatchback to purchase. While costs start a smidge over the Fiesta ST, Vauxhall says it undermines the Ford spec for spec by a few hundred pounds – and with it being a Vauxhall, potential clients ought to have the option to haggle to some degree on the cost. Accessible from £17,995 in three-entryway pretence, in particular, you can get a Performance Pack model for £20,395. Our Performance Pack vehicle likewise profited from eye-getting 18-inch composites enveloped by super low-profile tires. By and large, the Corsa isn’t as settled as, say, the Fiesta ST; however, it stops people in their tracks.

The DKU Performance was asked to work on its exhaust system, and the customer did not leave unless he felt he had thanked us enough. Such cooperation and admiration always lift the morale of our team to do better than ever. DKU platform is known for designing Vauxhall Corsa VXR 1.6 Exhaust, and our engineers focus on the exhaust’s performance to satisfy clients!