Vauxhall CORSA E 1.4T is one of the most reliable vehicles and the best value for money. it can produce the whopping power of 150 HP at 5000 rpm with a torque of 220 NM. With these impressive features, the owner also wanted an enhanced and loud sound to give his car a unique identity. So, this car came in at DKU Performance looking for a solution. We know what suits your car the best so we opted for designing a premium performance exhaust system for this vehicle. The custom job done on this vehicle provided some shockingly amazing results and as always, made our client more than satisfied. Here at DKU Performance, we can unlock the full potential of your Vauxhall Corsa E 1.4T with our expert exhaust upgrades and remapping services. Our range includes a turbo-back exhaust system to a performance exhaust system depending on what you prefer for your car!