Say goodbye to boring old tips and pipes when DKU has the choice of excellence for you, all ready and set. Our valuable client demanded the TOYOTA GT86 “6” dead gorgeous tips it lacked. DKU Performance presented tips that matched a racing car’s proficiency to meet the client’s desires! Looking no further than the original “SPORTS PERFORMANCE” catalytic convertor fitted at the back to boost its high bass and huskier character, which satisfied the client big time! DKU believes in exhaust supremacy and provides every exhaust system part that matches the competence and stature of your car. The Jap styled tips for this Toyota GT86 are not only trendy but have a massive effect on the loudness of the car’s rev and drive. DKU’s CATs and Tips are popular for their wide range and the huge inches they add to the boot. For more information regarding Turbo Exhausts, visit the DKU Performance website!