Skoda Octavia VRS TDI

At the DKU Performance workstation, we took an emission test of this Skoda Octavia VRS TDI to see what is wrong. The car failed its test while making a healthy power of up to 174 BHP. When it comes to the health and emission of cars, our professional and experienced technicians at DKU Performance know very well how to perform the perfect hydrocarbon cleaning you are looking for. You can see the difference in the emission test results. It will show you how useful and powerful our treatment is! If you are looking to pass the MOT emission regulation, this treatment is a must for your vehicle.

At DKU Performance, you can unleash some potential from your vehicle by getting our hydrocarbon cleaning service along with a remap. So, what are you waiting for? Get the internals of your engine cleaned and restore the original capabilities of your vehicle at DKU performance!