DKU Performance presents yet another top conversion just for Seat Leon FR 2.0 this exhaust system! Since our signature tips are a genuine design we formulated to combine with the Leon model this time, our client asked for a turbo boost, hence a TSFI is the power boost of a car’s lifetime. A TSFI engine upgrade we installed in this Leon is a turbocharged 4 inline performance engine.

DKU believes in TSFI supremacy, but not just of any car, a compatible one, so we can work accordingly. The theme is not to make the client’s Leon into a racing animal! It is only for a powerful boost and an impressive Turbo Back exhaust sound that makes heads turn. We have a 3 to 4-inch wide pipework system installed in the cars we work with. Seat Leon 5.5 tips are a huge upgrade! Check out more related information on our genuine exhaust muffler tips!