seat IBIZA-2.0 TDI

Carbon Cleaning and Ecu Remap and Exhaust and

In this case study, you will see the loud-sounding IBIZA 2.0 TDI, that got tuned at DKU Performance. The custom-designed straight pipe exhaust system has been fitted into it to increase its sound and make it bang louder. Check out how awesome it sounds after getting modified by the professional and well-trained engineers of DKU Performance. Out high-quality equipment with the latest software is developed to ensure accuracy in terms of both power delivery and pressure boosting. We, DKU Performance pride ourselves on our ability to provide a car with maximum power whilst maintaining reliability.

At DKU Performance, we design and custom build bespoke exhaust systems to cater for our customers with their needs at the highest standards. Get a louder straight pipe exhaust and RTMG tune for your SEAT IBIZA 2.0 TDI at DKU Performance.

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