Seat Ibiza 1.4 TSI FR

seat IBIZA-1.4 TSI

Carbon Cleaning and Ecu Remap and Exhaust and

Here you will see the Seat Ibiza 1.4 TSI FR exhaust upgrade, which just got its new turbo back performance exhaust system from DKU Performance. the client wanted a great upgrade to make his car the best sounding one. So, we designed and built a high-quality system for it at DKU. The fabrication of the turbo back performance exhaust system is completed with a decat, which made this vehicle an amazing sounding vehicle. You would love the loud pops and bangs it is producing after getting its custom exhaust system. This is what the client wanted and we are more than happy to fulfil the expectations of our client.

We can now hear the amazing pops and bangs of this Seat Ibiza tsi FR. Contact us and let us know what do you want to get from us. At DKU Performance, we only do the best exhaust upgrades, and we can do them on any vehicle.

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