Nissan JUKE 1.6T is one of the most reliable cars with a speed of 134 mph. its features like higher-tech and spacious interior make this vehicle good to drive. It came in at DKU Performance looking for an upgrade. The owner wanted an increased sound as well as improved performance. Here at DKU Performance, we designed and custom built a premium quality cat back exhaust system for it. our exhaust system was designed without a resonator to give the vehicle a loud sound with a better flow of air. We built this non-res cat back exhaust system using DKU downpipes with a larger diameter to increase the optimum flow of air in the pipes. The downpipes feature mandrel bends and our own chromium tips which enhanced the sound as well as look of the car. DKU Performance specialises in designing and building high quality and stylish exhaust systems for all kinds of vehicles.