Tremendous engine expert, American Muscle’s original exhaust system is professionally fitted into Ford MUSTANG GT 5.0L. Challenging and impressive as it sounds, DKU Performance exhausts have hit charts working with the king of engines itself! Loud, hoarse and heavy sound production with American Muscle has taken our new client’s attention. Not only the sound effect but also the quality of the exhaust, compatibility with the Mustang engine and reliability guaranteed for a lifetime has such bonuses attached to the car’s appearance. The Mustang model looks stunning with the loud deepness of the muffler sound. The pipework, based on the design of DKU Performance, successfully welded and fitted, has satisfied our client too. The polished metalwork is prominent and visible so the client has no doubts regarding the work performed. The client also requested a driving test to check out the sound and drivability, which is beyond expectation! Visit DKU’s website to upgrade your car now!