Mitsubishi 3000 gt gto twin turbo v6

mitsubushi GTO-TWIN TURBO

Carbon Cleaning and Ecu Remap and Exhaust and

Mitsubishi 3000 gt gto uk and jdm twin turbo v6 started production in 1990 with a normal aspirated 3.0 v6 and and the more powerful twin turbo v6. Power output started at 276bhp, rising to 296bhp after the 1994 facelift.

At dku performance we custom design for the full range of exhausts from a performance back box,s to cat back exhausts from the entry level exhaust to the premium level, and for the Motorsport players the awesome tubular manifold back and turbo back exhaust,they are all custom made in high grade 304 316 stainless steel


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