Our client requested a back-box sound with Mercedes TURBO C63 and C300 from DKU Performance. Our modern welds and amends quickly fixed the look and quality of exhaust sound. The original tips worked just fine, about 2.5 to 3 inches. Smoked and husky Mercedes Benz sound effects. The engine revs deep and great with wide pipework fixated underneath. The model demanded an attractive boost with a double-glance effect of sound to match the calibre of the car. Supreme sound, perfect rev and safe drive guaranteed. DKU presents yet another outstanding invention from simple designs and professional metalwork. The car looks gorgeous and sounds lively and fixated with heavy pipes and original muffler tips. The main work was the petrol turbo C63 installed with high-quality equipment and special care since our client demanded the level best. DKU Performance professionals installed a gothic sound box effect for a bomb turbo boost.