Say goodbye to your lazy smooth Mercedes and pay a hello to the loud bomb exhaust just for the Mercedes model G63 AMG. Our valuable client was in a hurry during his appointment, as the car demanded a DECAT, but we settled down with an original design instead. The metalwork and welds are worth a watch, as professionals work with concentration and dedication on a completely genuine invention. We do not mess with the original catalytic converter of the car because he wants loudness and pitch with a brand new look only, not a DECAT. We installed a non-resonated and wide-sectioned set of delete pipes and tips, looking hot on the Mercedes G63 as it sounds. They sound hoarse and deep with a glossy polished look as a perfect combo. The well-developed sound booster’s loudness is the best in London! Thanks to DKU Performance designs, we created an exceptional quality; carbon set and lined tips to match this Mercedes model.