The Mercedes A45 2.0T AMG hot hatch comes with 355bhp and 376hp it is one hell of a powerful hot hatch and one of its first 2.0t 4wd,s hot hatch Mercedes produced. At DKU Performance we custom design a full range of exhausts from a performance back box's back box deletes mid box deletes to cat back exhausts from the entry level exhaust to the premium level, and for the Motorsport players the awesome tubular manifold back and turbo back exhaust. They are all custom made in high grade 304 316 stainless steel.  


Have your Mercedes AMG 45 regain its maximum potential and performance with our carbon hydro clean, HydroFlow uses elecolysis to split water (H2O) into its base mole cules – 2 Hydrogen and 1 Oxygen, creating Ortho-oxyhydrogen gas. When inserted into the air intake of a vehicle, this highly flammable gas acts as an additive – significantly improving the ignition of the fuel within the combustion chamber resulting in a bigger, more efficient burn. The hydrogen’s higher burn temperature and explosive force literally strip away the carbon deposits that collect not only within the engine but throughout the entire exhaust system including catalytic
The Mercedes A45 2.0T AMG hot hatch comes with 355bhp and the later 2016 model had 376bhp. with a Dku performance ecu remap you can gain a extra 50 hp with
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