If you’re looking to improve the performance of your HYUNDAI I20N VALVE, a cat-back exhaust is one modification you should consider. This system is installed behind the catalytic converter and plays a vital role in your vehicle’s emission control system. By replacing a portion of your exhaust system with a high-quality automotive performance exhaust system, you can increase your motor’s loudness and free up exhaust gas circulation. It may seem unnecessary to install high-quality pipes behind the catalytic converter, but their enduring success proves their ability to significantly enhance your vehicle’s performance. By replacing the rear piece of your exhaust with a cat-back system, you can lower back pressure and improve your motor’s efficiency. This results in faster and more efficient cycling, which translates into more power. The key to a good cat-back system is its larger diameter pipes and premium mandrel bends, which offer an optimized route for exhaust gases to travel out of your vehicle. By reducing exhaust system restrictions, a high-quality cat-back exhaust system can boost the efficiency of your vehicle’s exhaust system, leading to more power and better performance.