Hummer H2 Cat – Back System

hummer H2-

Carbon Cleaning and Ecu Remap and Exhaust and

Hummer H2 is known for its several good features except for the fuel economy. This car came to DKU Performance for the installation of a fuel tank underneath the car, which was hard due to the OE exhaust system in the way. We decided to fabricate this car with a cat-back system custom designed and manufactured at DKU Performance. We designed the cat-back exhaust system consisting of 2×2.5” bore stainless steel, paired with a silencer to tone the exhaust note down swept tips for a complete look. now this car, paired with the cat back, sounds perfect. You can hear the subtle note which is not too excessive but audible.

At DKU Performance, we have a perfect solution for all your vehicle’s exhaust related issues. So don’t wait and change the way your car look and sound at DKU performance!

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