honda ACCORD-2.0

Carbon Cleaning and Ecu Remap and Exhaust and

Honda ACCORD 2.0 BTEC comes with a BTEC engine and a power of 155 BHP. However, it wanted something extra for an increased sound and loud pops and bangs. So, at the DKU Performance platform, we designed and fabricated a cat-back performance exhaust system for it to give it what it deserved! We designed a 3.5 inches downpipe custom exhaust system with high-quality stainless steel. The custom work performed on this vehicle by our expert engineers transformed the sound of it whilst retaining the OEM standards. Our quality work satisfied our clients and this is what we want.

At DKU Performance, we custom design a full range of high-quality exhaust systems for all types of vehicles. Our range includes performance back box’s exhaust system to cat-back systems. We offer entry-level exhaust to premium level exhaust systems. We are proud that all our exhaust systems are made in high-grade stainless steel with a lifetime guarantee.

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