DKU Performance presents another bomb installation of the original CAT with the sluggish back box successfully deleted. Our special client demanded his Ford Focus MK4 1.5T ECOBOOST model with a professional back box removal, which was a tricky task. Since DKU Performance is a pro at conversions, installations and deletes, we have quick-fixed the Ford model with our professional team expert and deleted the muffler system successfully. Speaking of the sound check, it is absolute, hoarse and deep. The engine revs like a pro and the exhaust effect match the model magnificently. The husky sound is exactly what youngsters and trendsetters demand these days. The model is worth taking a double-glance and checking it out; thanks to DKU Performance, the back box delete worked wonders. DKU works with Ford models exclusively! If you want to know more about our chick trends, Join us to book an appointment!