If you’re looking to boost your CUPRA LEON 300’s performance, there are endless modifications available, particularly when it comes to the exhaust system. One common enhancement you may have heard of is the cat-back exhaust. This refers to any part of the exhaust system that’s located after the catalytic converter, typically including the muffler, tailpipe or exhaust tips, and the piping that connects them. When referring to aftermarket components or performance upgrades, the term “cat-back” indicates which part of the exhaust system these replacement parts are designed to replace. Upgrading to an aftermarket cat-back exhaust can be an easy way to boost your CUPRA LEON 300’s power. These modifications typically involve using larger diameter piping with fewer bends, which helps reduce backpressure. Backpressure refers to the resistance that exhaust gases face when trying to exit the engine. By reducing backpressure, you can improve the efficiency of your exhaust system, ultimately leading to increased horsepower.