A turbo-back exhaust system is a complete replacement of the original exhaust system, from the turbo to the back. By upgrading to better-flowing piping for almost the entire exhaust, including the crucial downpipe section behind the turbo, you can achieve improved performance. This is because the original catalytic converters in the downpipe section can cause significant flow restriction. By replacing them with a less restrictive sports cat or straight-through de-cat section, larger diameter pipework can increase flow rate and decrease back pressure. This allows the turbo to spool up more quickly and produce more power. Replacing the entire exhaust system ensures that power gains in one area are not hindered by another. The biggest advantages are realized when installing the entire exhaust system, which has been designed to work seamlessly from front to back. Additionally, by reducing restriction at the front of the exhaust, which traditionally includes the catalytic converter acting as a muffler, the sound of the exhaust can be improved. Replacing all the existing silencers and pipes also provides more control over the exhaust sound. A full turbo-back exhaust, combined with a higher stage ECU remap, can yield significant benefits and greatly enhance the performance of your CORSA D VXR.