BMW M6 F12/18

Pure magic in itself, the BMW M6F12/18 is an incredibly luxurious car one can wish for. It is sleek and beautiful. The F12 M6 is powered by the same 4.4L S63Tu engine as powers the F10 M5. It produces 560 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque.   When you’re simply cruising, the S63Tu moves the M6 around with ease and without bother, but switch to Sport Plus mode, and you would be flying with 2000 RPM, and it produces a crazy amount of fuss, instantly. The car has such a controlled and polished ride that 80 mph feels like 50 or 60 mph, yet the automobile has already shot to triple-digit speeds just seconds after you’ve placed your right foot.

We got our hands on this car and performed an exhaust operation on it which was truly a success. You can notice the immediate sound differences, and observe fuel economy.