BMW M5 F90

bmw M5-F90

Carbon Cleaning and Ecu Remap and Exhaust and

In this case study, you will see the BMW F90 M5. This car sounds great but being a cool car, it needs to be much louder for an edge. So, it came to the DKU platform for a balancer box delete. Our engineers have worked quite amazing and now this car is sporting a balancer box delete paired with two secondary decat. Oh, the transformation of this car! You can see the amazingly loud sound of this vehicle after getting its custom work done by DKU Performance. This car is fast, it looks awesome and now it sounds even more incredible. The services this car received include, secondary cat delete and rear balancer ox delete. We haven’t heard of these kinds of shorts in a long time. not to mention the pops, bangs and crackles this car is making.

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