BMW M235I B58

bmw M-235I B58

Carbon Cleaning and Ecu Remap and Exhaust and

Among all BMW series, the BMW M235I is known for its good in-car tech, fantastic engine and some solid safety features. This vehicle comes with the most powerful four-cylinder which enables its swift performance at a very affordable cost. Well, this car came to DKU Performance because the owner wanted a JDM looking exhaust. We chose to go for backbox delete so we designed and fabricated a decat pipe of almost 3.5 inches to make this car sound like a real beast. We finished the process with a tune-up, which gave amazing results. You should check out the transformed sound of this car with some very loud pops and bangs. DKU Performance specializes in designing a full range of exhaust systems for all types of vehicles. Our range includes a wide variety of entry-level to premium quality exhaust systems.

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