BMW 118i F40 Backbox Delete

DKU Performance provides a game-changing mod called the BMW 118i F40 Backbox Delete, which is intended to improve the car’s acoustics and efficiency. The procedure entails removing the rear silencer, sometimes known as the “backbox,” from the BMW F40 118I PERFORMANCE SYSTEM. Exhaust gases can move with less restriction when the backbox is removed, which could increase engine performance and efficiency by reducing back pressure. This modification produces a different exhaust note in addition to increasing the vehicle’s power output. The sound of the exhaust system gets louder and more aggressive, producing a richer, richer tone which improves the auditory pleasure of driving. DKU Performance is a company that specialises in providing custom car upgrades. The BMW 118i F40 Backbox Delete is one of their aftermarket upgrades designed to satisfy fans who want a more thrilling exhaust note & better engine efficiency. It’s crucial to remember that while some modifications may enhance a car’s features, it’s best to speak with experts at DKU Performance or qualified auto mechanics to fully comprehend the effects and ramifications of the Backbox Delete alteration on the vehicle’s functionality, sound quality, and warranty coverage.