Audi TTS 3.5

Clutches on Audi TTs can last 100,000 miles and then some. It’s an elaborate occupation both because of the restricted space and the need to eliminate the 4×4 gubbins. The pedal has been known to break, yet it is a simple fix. The DSG on V6s keeps going assuming the oil is changed every 40,000 miles. Warmed calfskin seats were standard on by far most Audi TTs, other than the essential 150bhp forms. Seats with worn supports or broken warming components do not merit wrecking about with – nice substitutions are abundant and simple trade. Anyway, the hued ones, particularly red calfskin, appear to be progressively scant.

At DKU Performance we custom design for the full range of exhausts from a performance back box’s to cat back exhausts from the entry level exhaust to the premium level, and for the Motorsport players the awesome tubular manifold back and turbo back exhaust. They are all custom made in high grade 304 316 stainless steel. The DKU Performance was asked to work on its exhaust system and the customer did not leave unless he felt he has thanked us enough. Such cooperation and admiration always lift the morale of our team to do better than ever.