Audi TTS 2.0 TFSI

DKU performance feels incredible to have been entrusted with cars that have a legacy. Recently a customer came with Audi Tts 2.0 Tfsi and OMG what a car it is! 

The engine improves the driver’s accessibility. It revs quickly and smoothly, with no unexpected surges, and while it’s happy to sit at low rpm, most drivers will find it difficult to resist pushing the TT to its upper limits, where it becomes truly fast. It was observed to be faster than a V8-powered Jaguar XK in a performance test, sprinting from 30-70mph in just 4.9 seconds. Our team was entrusted to upgrade the performance of this premium car and guess what we did? We added a 3.5-inch turbo back-performance exhaust- rs6 tailpipes to meet the requirement of our client. For most experienced teams, it is a challenging task but the determination of DKU performance paid off well and the customer returned leaving behind tons of praises for us.