AUDI TT MK1 3.2 V6

The Audi TT MK1 225 3.2 V6 is one of the vehicles of its kind. The 1.8 motors initially came in 180 and 225bhp flavours, and, in actuality, the thing that matters is insignificant, albeit the 180 will be less expensive on the grounds that it is seen as being less attractive. Everything except the mid-180s additionally has the six-speed ‘box. Try not to excuse a vehicle since it’s a 180bhp adaptation.

We helped our client to install the advanced CAT BACK Exhaust system to amplify the functions and durability of the car and as usual DKU Performance did not disappoint the valued client. The experienced staff did not step back from the difficult task of installing a 3.5 inch, yes 3.5-inch cat back exhaust system.