Audi S1 3.5

audi S1-3.5

Carbon Cleaning and Ecu Remap and Exhaust and

Audi is known for its high performance and stunning looks. However, this S1 came to the DKU Performance platform for an upgrade in sound. Our talented and experienced engineers developed and fabricated a 3.5 inches custom turbo-back exhaust system for this car, which is done in-house. The custom work is coupled with the live road-mapping tunning performed by the RTMG Performance. Doing this project was a bit tricky, but DKU specialises in performing high-quality upgrades. This is one of the most impressive projects as the tunning turned this Audi S1 into one of the loudest sounding vehicles with a perfectly subtle note. Well, that’s what our client wanted, so we did it! The custom work performed on this vehicle has increased its horsepower to 300 BHP, which is amazing. Once again, our high-quality custom work has made our clients happy and satisfied, which is what we always do!

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