Audi RS3 Cat Back Exhaust

The CETE Exhaust Valve Control Module in the AUDI RS3 gives you complete control over your exhaust valves with just a touch of a finger. The module allows you to select the setting you want under the flexible drive and opens the exhaust valves at all RPMs. Even if the vehicle is turned off while in dynamic mode, it will restart with the exhaust valves opened. In automatic mode, the exhaust valves operate in the same way as the standard configuration, while in comfort mode they remain open at 5000 RPM. The whole drive chooses system continues to operate as intended, without requiring any additional controls or FOBs. The resonated sports exhaust includes a centre silencer that provides a quiet but lively tone, while still allowing the exhaust valves to operate as intended. If you prefer a louder and more lively exhaust note, there is a non-resonated variant available that doesn’t include the centre silencer. This option is ideal for those who want a more aggressive sound from their AUDI RS3.