Audi RS3 Back Box Mod

Our special client brought this Audi RS3 Box Mod at DKU Performance platform for a slight modification to make it sound like one of the best sounding cars, whilst still retaining the OEM standard exhaust. So, here at DKU Performance, we are going to make a box mod. We are making subtle changes in the rear silencer while keeping the car to be totally original as possible to avoid discrepancies while returning the car. We design our special exhaust systems and how we transformed the sound of this vehicle. Our team specializes in designing and manufacturing high-end exhaust systems for all types of vehicles. You will find a wide range of quality Audi RS3 exhaust systems, ranging from cat-back exhaust systems to turbo-back exhaust systems. Our client wanted the same pops and bangs with loud sound and that is what he got from us!